Farewell Victoria

I’m probably the only person in the world who hopes to get very few blog hits, because I honestly can’t find my legs with blogging and I don’t understand how I could ever be legitimately okay with the self-promotion required of ambitious bloggers. Nevertheless, I like the idea of blogging in practice, so about every eight months or so, I feel compelled to write something, and I remember this blog isn’t deleted, so, that happens.

With a great deal of excitement and a healthy dose of mind-boggling stress, my husband and I are packing up our belongings and family (my two cats Puddy and Leonard Cohen), and we are moving to the Annapolis valley in Nova Scotia. Soon I’ll have a couple weeks of frantic moving but a break in between jobs, and I anticipate that I’ll be writing a fair amount.

One thing I hope to go on about is my final thoughts on this island, Vancouver Island. Other than the beaches, my favourite thing is The Blue Nile African restaurant. So we’ll talk about that soon, because the Bursen Tumtumo there warms my soul and fills me to the brim with grounding, energizing, and just totally delicious levels of ecstasy. Also, it’s the best restaurant in Victoria.


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