Woke up at 4—decided to make a blog.

I love reading blogs. I spoke at a vegan blogging conference. I should probably be blogging. Vegans on the Move is currently dormant (but we hope to get it running once again when it crawls out of hibernation/Panda and I get our lives in order), and I was laying awake in bed this morning with a cat on my chest purring when I realized “hey! Why don’t I just blog about the stuff I spend all the time on the internet talking/reading about?”. Which amounts to 1) eating vegan food out, 2) eating vegan food in, and 3) cats.

The things that scare me about blogging. 1) It occasionally seems like a vanity thing, 2) I have high standards for my not-always-there ability to write without grammatical error, and that realization shames me, 3) people have really high standards for photography and I just have an iPhone.

Anyway, those are all pretty trivial concerns, and it’s not like this is my job, unlike some crazy-crazy or crazy-fortunate bloggers, so let’s see how it goes.

In the past few years I’ve lived on Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, and Sooke in BC, as well as San Francisco, Calif. In just over a month I am moving back to a city I love dearly—Victoria. There are not a lot of vegan bloggers in Victoria (obviously there is Sarah Kramer, but she’s a pretty big deal and I am not), so I think I’ll end up writing mostly about Victoria’s splendid offerings for vegans. I’ll include Vancouver too, since all I do there is eat. I ate through two years in grad school. Stress-buster!


2 Comments on “Woke up at 4—decided to make a blog.”

  1. jess sconé says:

    I heart you and heart this, BFF.

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